How can I get information on importing products into the United States?

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The U.S. government does not offer import promotion programs such as those available to U.S. exporters. However, there are alternative sources of information:

For information on the procedures to import products in the United States, the publication, Importing into the United States: A Guide for Commercial Importers, may be ordered from the Government Printing Office (GPO). The publication stock number is 048-002-00132-1 and may be ordered by contacting the GPO at (202) 512-1800 or online at:

Foreign governments help their firms export to the United States, so you may want to contact the commercial officer or trade attaché of the country from which you would like to purchase goods. A list of foreign embassies or trade offices in the United States is available from the Dept. of Commerce web site at Follow the link "Find a Local U.S. Office" for national offices or the link "Find an Overseas Office" for offices based in foreign countries.