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Building Products Showcase & Catalog Center at the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Commercial Service in Jerusalem and the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce an ongoing "Building Products Showcase & Catalog Center" at the Chamber’s facilities in the West Bank.

The American Products Showcase and Catalog Center offers an extremely low-cost and effective way for U.S. exporters to test the market, gain exposure and tap into this $300 million Palestinian sector, one focused on new home, commercial space and infrastructure construction.

Your product literature and samples will be displayed at the U.S. Commercial Service booth at the Chamber for a nominal quarterly participation fee of only $200. The Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has a membership of 3,000 businesses from the Bethlehem area, including 120 firms involved in the construction, contracting, stone cutting and import/distribution of the building materials and equipment industry.

The Commercial Service, in cooperation with the BCC, is planning a gala launch event of the Showcase and Center, to which Chamber members and business people who work in this sector throughout the West Bank, will be invited. Embassy Commercial Specialist Issa Noursi will highlight your firm’s objective, whether it is to appoint a distributor, gauge market interest in your products/services or generate direct sales. Every month, Noursi will send you a complete list of potential partners who have expressed interest in your product or service. After you have had a chance to review these leads, Noursi will work with you to capitalize on these contacts.

Special offer! For a participation fee of only $350 per quarter, the U.S. Commercial Service will display your product literature and small samples at both the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and the Israeli Building Center (IBC) in Tel Aviv. You can do that by filling out the on-line registration form located on this page. Our office will respond promptly by sending you the necessary Participation Agreement. If you have further questions about the show or registration, please do not hesitate to contact Commercial Specialist Issa.Noursi@trade.gov

Register here!

Market Brief: Building and Construction Sector in West Bank and Gaza

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