Welcome to the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service Liaison Office to the World Bank

The mandate of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (US&FCS) Liaison Office to the World Bank (CS-WB) is to assist U.S. businesses pursuing commercial opportunities through the World Bank’s numerous projects. The World Bank’s mission evolved from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a facilitator of post-World War II reconstruction and development to its present-day mandate of worldwide poverty alleviation. To this end, the World Bank lends and invests billions of dollars in developing countries every year. This funding is frequently directed at procurement of goods and consulting services, and the facilitation of civil works projects. Due to its well-established position in assisting developing countries, the World Bank provides a unique opportunity for U.S. companies to gain a foothold in these dynamic economies.

Business Services
CS-World Bank provides the following services to U.S. firms and organizations:

  • Counseling: One-on-one consultations on how to do business with the World Bank.
  • Market Research and Outreach: Information on World Bank project and procurement opportunities and business orientation seminars. Arrangement of marketing presentations to World Bank project, sector, and financial specialists.
  • Key Contact Information: Appointments with World Bank experts.
  • Advocacy: Active support (including representations and guidance on bidding and resolving payment problems) to U.S. businesses competing for procurements.

World Bank US&FCS Commercial Liaisons

Washington, D.C.

Office Phone: (202) 458-0120 — Office Fax: (202) 477-2967



Keith Curtis

Advisor and Director of Business Liaison,
Office of the U.S. Executive Director, World Bank


U.S. Business Advisor

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