U.S. Commercial Service Programs at the World Bank

Business Counseling 

  • Provide counsel on the operations of the Bank and how best to approach the Bank and borrowing governments;
  • Liaison with project managers at the Bank with respect to specific projects; and
  • Advise how best to incorporate Bank-procurement opportunities into company strategic planning.

Procurement Training and Seminars 

  • Provide training for associations and their members;
  • Provide company-specific training for business development managers and capture teams;
  • Develop company specific strategies for pursuing multilateral development bank business;
  • Provide speakers and content for international trade promotion seminars and events.  

To schedule a training seminar for your company or trade association, contact David.Fulton@trade.gov

Identification of Business Opportunities at the World Bank 

  • Identify upcoming projects that represent significant commercial opportunities;
  • Supply information about specific procurement notices as they become available; and
  • Disseminate information on contracts, such as policy studies (e.g., gender, environment), internal governance reviews, and/or goods/services directly procured by the Bank.

Facilitate Key Introductions 

  • Identify key contacts at the Bank and in the borrowing government regarding a specific project;
  • Arrange meetings with key individuals, including World Bank project task managers, industry experts, procurement officers, investment officers, and others as appropriate.

Advocate on Behalf of U.S. Businesses  

  • Advocate on behalf of U.S. companies to ensure a "level playing field" on Bank-funded procurements.