Private Sector Liaison Officers

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The World Bank Group (i.e., the World Bank, IFC and MIGA) is interested in strengthening its relations with the private sector in order to increase the awareness of opportunities for private sector-led growth in developing countries.  To facilitate this work, the World Bank Group has developed a network of liaison officers based in intermediary organizations -- the Private Sector Liaison Officers Network (PSLO Network).  AC-World Bank is actively helping the World Bank to identify potential business intermediary organizations, e.g., chambers of commerce, business and trade associations, or investment promotion agencies, to help expand the participation of the U.S. private sector in World Bank programs.   

Currently, there is a global network of 93 PSLOs in 72 different countries.  The PSLO network is a network of business intermediary organizations (chambers of commerce and industry, business and trade associations, or investment promotion agencies) working to foster trade and investment between countries with the support of the World Bank Group's products and services.  The PSLO network consists of liaison officers--private sector communications professionals--appointed, based in, and financed wholly by their respective business intermediary organizations. 

PSLOs are not World Bank Group employees, and they are not located in Bank offices.  These officers facilitate local companies' access to WBG business opportunities, services and knowledge, and they act as the voice of their national private sector in advising the WBG on how to better engage companies on development issues. 

Trained by World Bank Group (WBG) staff, the PSLO develops an expertise on WBG activities and commercial opportunities.  The officer will be responsible for disseminating information about WBG business opportunities--like Bank procurements, IFC, MIGA and trust funds; facilitating contacts between local companies and the Bank Group staff; organizing consultations or events on development issues of interest to the private sector--like investment climate, governance, Public Private Partnerships, carbon funds, etc.; and providing information on the Bank's knowledge resources and partnership opportunities.   

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